About Us


GLM Creations has available Invention Portfolios (with issued patents and/or pending patent applications) directed to a variety of technologies. GLM Creations also provides OTB (Outside-The-Box) Services for training those working in a particular technology area to learn how to expand the  limits of the technology’s existing concepts and established paradigms in novel and creative ways to develop creatively new enhancements  and improved systems and methods.


GLM Creations’ Founder ,  Dr. Guy McClung, Ph.D.,  who is a registered patent attorney, has helped inventors secure over 500 issued United States Patents with thousands of worldwide counterparts and  is himself an inventor on over 100 Patents. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, small start up companies, and individual inventors. His inventions are in a wide variety of technologies such as nanotechnology, cellphones, filtration, pizza boxes, fishing gear, business pricing systems, oil and gas drilling and operations, flying discs,  valves, headsets, earth fracturing systems and fluids, tennis racquets, and word games.  By studying your technology without the restrictions of the accepted technology dogmas and the confinement of its traditional concepts, Guy McClung will direct your innovative people to new vistas of creative excellence. 

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