Removal of FracFluid Nano Identifiers

GLM Creations has available for sale patent pending inventions directed to the removal of nanomaterial from systems and from bodies. In certain aspects, the nanomaterial is used as an identifier for fracturing fluid (“frac fluid”) and, once the identification function is no longer needed, the nanomateiral is removed from the frac fluid. Broadly, these inventions include systems and methods for removing nanomaterial from other material which may be in the form of masses, combinations, or agglomerations of solids; fluids; fluid or gas with solids entrained therein; slurries; vapors; or gases. The removal systems are directed to removing nanomaterial from industrial material and fluid; and, in certain aspects, removing nanomaterial from fluids or bodily material, with removal of bodily material done inside or outside a human body.  In one particular aspect, nanomaterial is removed from fluids used in industry; e.g., but not limited to, fluids used in the oil and gas industry; e.g., but not limited to, drilling fluids, completions fluids, brines, injection fluids, and fluids used in fracturing operations or “fracking fluids.”

  “Nanomaterial” includes any known nanomaterial, nanotubes, nanorods, nanowires, nanoparticles, nanostructures, nanofibers, nanofabric, nanocylinders, nanotextiles, nanographene, nanographene ribbons, transformed nanomaterials, functionalized nanomaterial, metallized nanomaterial, carbon nanomaterials, e.g., but not limited to, carbon nanotubes, and electrically conductive nanotubes including single walled nanotubes, multi-walled nanotubes, functionalized nanotubes and metallized nanotubes.

            These inventions also include a  method for removing nanomaterial from a fluid or from bodily material which includes  applying a tag to or depositing a tag on nanomaterial producing tagged nanomaterial; and removing the tagged nanomaterial from the fluid or from the bodily material by using the tag.

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