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Wellbore Cementing

GLM Creations has available patent pending systems and methods for facilitating the setting of cement for casing a wellbore. Electrically conductive nanomaterial in the cement is heated by the application of energy – inductively, magnetically, or using microwaves – which hastens the setting of the cement. Once the cement is set,  by again applying energy to the nanomaterial, the casing,  the fluid in the casing, or the earth around the wellbore can be heated.

Materials that can be heated include cements, drilling fluids, fracturing fluids, epoxies, and polymers.  Electrically conductive material other than nanomaterial may be used in the methods of these inventions.

Link to US Patent Application- Serial No. 13/317,633; Oct. 24, 2011

Fluid Power Racquets

Did you ever wish you could hit a tennis ball with more force? Now you can with a FLUID SWEET SPOT*  Racquet from GLM Creations. These revolutionary racquets have weights or weighted fluid that you selectively move to the head of the racquet for serving and then move back into the handle for regular play. With the added weight in the head, you hit the ball harder – and you win more games.


One U.S. patent has issued for this new racquet, U.S. Paten 7,918,752    Link:


And this new Racquet is also the subject of a pending European patent application:





FLUID SWEET SPOT is a trademark of GLM Creations

Games and Discs – & Make ’em from a Pizza Box

Games Made From Pizza Boxes

Flying Discs Made From Pizza Boxes

Games with Multiple Flying Discs

Flying Discs are one of the most popular toys and sports equipment items in the world.  They are small, light weight, and easily transportable.  A major factor in their appeal is that anyone can throw them and catch them.  Typically these discs come one in a package and activities with them involve only one disc. Many of these activities and games include only two persons in action at any given time-a person throwing a disc and a person catching a disc.

Pizza boxes are ubiquitous and pizza makers are always looking for a new angle, a new hook, a new reason for you to buy their pizzas instead of someone else’s. GLM Creations has available issued patents on games and discs that can be made from a pizza box – or from any suitable box for that matter. The ability to offer such a box will translate into bigger pizza sales.

Typically one flying disc is sold at a time. GLM Creations has available inventions that will make it possible for a company to sell multiple, and in some cases very many discs, in one package. GLM Creations provides patented inventions that include a variety of games and activities that use multiple flying discs and simultaneously involve multiple persons.  This makes it possible for all the members of a group to take part in flying disc activities at the same time. The PLETHORA* games and the WHIZ-IT* flying discs are patented or are “patent pending.”


PLETHORA Games employ multiple WHIZ-IT* flying discs at one time. Although two persons can take part in PLETHORA Games, it is also possible for any desired number of persons to simultaneously compete in these games as individuals or as teams.


In PLETHORA GOAL one person or one a team of persons has a plurality of  WHIZ-IT* flying discs and each disc has a marking, symbol, or numerical score on it. The person or team on Offense attempts to throw the discs, in any order, at a goal.  A person or team on Defense attempts to thwart the Offense’s efforts to throw the discs into the goal.  Discs which are successfully thrown into the goal count as “winners” and, if desired, a score or point amount can be given for each disc based on the numerical score on the disc or on the symbol or marking on the disc.  Persons or teams take turns on Offense and Defense. If desired,  there can be a time limit for throwing all the discs.  Also, there can be two or more teams on Offense at the same time; and two or more teams on Defense at the same time.

There are several variations of PLETHORA GOAL. In one variation, the symbols, markings, or numerical score on a disc is so small or hidden that the defense does not know which disc is being thrown at any particular time. For example, the Offense mahy throw multiple discs simultaneously at the goal and the Defense will not know which disc heading for the goal is of the highest scoring value to the Offense.  In another variation, the discs are marked so that the Defense knows, before a disc is thrown or while a disc is in flight, the scoring value of the disc. The marking that indicates different score values for different discs may be a difference in color and/or shape.

 Any suitable item or thing can be a “goal,” such as a soccer goal; a garbage can; a box or container (including a box or container for holding or transporting the discs); a basketball goal; an outline on the ground, floor, or on a slab; a net; or an opening in a piece of material.  A net such as a volleyball net or a tennis net can be used with targets on one side or with outlines on the court on one side which serve as target areas.


In the PLETHORA GALLERY* game, a player has several WHIZ-IT* flying discs which, as the player chooses, can be thrown at a selected target of a plurality of targets.  Targets which are further from the player or targets of greater difficulty have a higher score than easier targets or targets that are closer.  Hitting a target with a disc results in a score of that target’s value for the player.

 In one version of the PLETHORA GALLERY* game, each disc has a score or multiplier indicated on it and the score for a target is increased by the disc score times the target score, or by the target multiplier times the disc score .  In one particular version of this game, the targets are all the same distance from the Offense. In another version, the targets are placed at different distances from the Offense.


PLETHORA MASQUERADE* is a  version of the PLETHORA GALLERY* game.  The game is played like the PLETHORA GALLERY* game, but  in a PLETHORA MASQUERADE*  game, when there are two players or two teams, target scores are hidden from the person or team on Offense, and the person or team on the Defense positions the targets. .  In one particular version of this game, the targets are all the same distance from the Offense. In another version, the targets are placed at different distances from the Offense.


Any PLETHORA* game can be made into a PLETHORA RING* game in which WHIZ-IT* discs with a hole in them are thrown at a target with a projection, stick, pole, stake, or shaft. A disc that ends up around the projection, etc. scores.  The score can be based on a socre indicated on the disc, a score indicated on the projection, etc, and/or a score multiplier indicated on the projection, etc.

Games Made From Boxes

The various components of the PLETHORA * Games can be made out of any suitable materiall.  Using cardboard boxes for the making of the targets and the flying discs is Patented or Patent Pending.  Using a cardboard box as starting material, the game parst are cut out from a box, including the various discs, targets and game pieces.

  Of particular interest is the ability to make these game parts out of a pizza box which is also part of the patented subject matter. Being able to turn a box that would end up in the trash into an entertaining game or discs  will increase pizza sales and re-cycle a box that otherwise would end up as garbage.

Link to Photos and Information:

Links to U.S. Patents and Application – Games and Activities with Flying Discs:

US Patent 6,073,588: Throwing Plate System & Method; Multiple Discs:

US Patent 6,585,551:  Flyer Discs:

US Patent 7,270,332:  Activity Sets; Play Activity Set w/ Targets, Discs:

US Patent 6,991,508: Box Games & Activities:  Play Set Made From Box

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US Patent 6,755,711 Box Games & Activities; Play Set w/ Targets, Discs:

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US Application 12/800,650 Container made of Two Flyer Discs:,650%22.APN.&OS=APN/”800,650″&RS=APN/”800,650″


Don’t know the Dictionary? You can still win!

“Beating the word nerds at their own game? Now

there’s a gratifying comeuppance  that’s long overdue.”

—Dr. Guy McClung

President and Founder of GLM Creations

 Reclaim Word Games from the Nerds

Imaginative and clever, these inventions include Word Games with innovations and scoring possibilities based on chance and on player-specific designated game board locations. But, beyond the basics, they include never before seen or enjoyed games such as Roll ‘em, Trespass, Throwdown, Bandit, Boondoggle, and more.
These inventions are for New Word Games which anyone can win and in which the person with the best vocabulary does not necessarily have an advantage. The New Games are available in a variety of formats – board games, card games, games with letter tiles, and word search grids.  Several of the New Games provide scoring for an non-acting player based on an element of chance, e.g., a roll of dice or spin of a number wheel, which determines how much of a previous player’s score a non-acting player receives.

These inventions provide “brand extension” for old well-known games like SCRABBLE (trademark), WORDSEARCH, AND BOGGLE (trademark) by adding scoring possibilities for a non-acting player. Improved SCRABBLE (trademark) games and WORDSEARCH games have a board or a letter grid with designated scoring locations which, if used by a person making a word, result in a score for the player designated by that location.  Improved BOGGLE (trademark) games have designated die faces whose use results in a score for the player who is designated, no matter who uses that die face to make a word.  Upon issuance of a patent for these new games (although there is no guarantee that a patent will issue) either these game owners will have to pay to use these new inventions or face a market that abandons these old boring word-nerd intensive games.

Terrified of word games? You’re not alone. For those of us who aren’t natural verbal acrobats, word games are an absolute bore, or, worse still, a humiliation.
Revolutionary word games from GLM Creations introduce a new era of word sparring designed to nullify an expert’s vast vocabulary. With the ability to score points based on luck – rather than on vocabulary knowledge alone- anyone from word dummies to verbal virtuosos can win these lively and hilarious games.  With the chance of your scoring if a word genius uses one of your designated letter locations, the word genius must strategize as well as have the dictionary memorized. Got a small vocabulary? Fret not – you can grab points when the word nerd to your left scores a gazillion points-and you don’t even have to know her word. Can’t recognize a single word on the game board? With GLM Creations you don’t need to know every word, you just need to be lucky and ready for some uproariously fun twists and turns.  With luck, you can even score more points than Mr. Know-It-All does when he makes  a ten letter word.

So when you’re invited to play one of these new word games,  and your are feeling lucky, you’ll pull up a chair,  and get ready for an evening of wild tricks and, finally, triumph!




Cellphones & Headsets

You cannot read the lips of a person speaking into a GLM Creations Lips-Blocker cellphone. You cannot see what a person is saying into a Lips-Blocker headset.

Worried about germs? GLM Creations has cellphones and headsets that emit germ-killing material to sterilize the cellphone or headset – and they can also release breath freshener!

See U.S. Patent Application Publication No. 20120095768, published April 19, 2012; link:

Dual Top Drives

In the early 1980s many questioned the feasibility, practicality, and even the possibility of using a Top Drive in a derrick for drilling. Now this revoltuionary equipment is used on rigs around the world. Now there is a new paradigm, a new revolution – systems with two Top Drives in one derrick. With the daily cost of drilling, when a Top Drive is out of service for maintenance or repair, the expense can be astronomical. With a new Dual Top Drive system, while one Top Drive is out of service, the other Top Drive can perform many tasks so that drilling or other operations need not cease. In other applications, the use of two Top Drives at the same time can provide increased versatility, increased stability for a drill string, decreased power consumption, and increased drilling efficiency. Using both Top Drives alternately or simultaneously provides significant advantages and economies of scale.

Existing Top Drives, e.g. from Tesco, Canrig, Maritime Hydraulics and National Oilwell Varco, can be used with systems and methods of the new Dual Top Drive inventions.


The Dual Top Drive System and Method inventions are patent pending in the U.S. and Worldwide.


Link to PCTWorldwide patent application for Dual Top Drives

Link to US PTO site for first US Application Pub. No.  20110280104 Dual Top Drive Systems and Methods For Wellbore Operations

Link to US PTO site for second US Application Pub. No.  20110214919 Dual Top Drive Systems and Methods


Patent Portfolio – Geothermal Earth Loop Systems & Methods – Creative and Efficient Green Energy

Available for purchase is a portfolio of five issued United States patents and one pending patent (claims allowed; patent will issue). These patents come under a group title of “Geothermal Earth Loop Systems & Methods – Creative and Efficient Green Energy”.

Recent studies have shown that the United States has the geothermal resources to produce ten times as much power as the current installed capacity of coal plants.

These inventions and patents could also provide the exclusivity basis for government guaranteed loans for an entity seeking to develop this technology.

If all or any of the patents listed are of interest to you, please click on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of this page. The information you send us will not be published, and we will only use it to contact you.

Summary of Patent Portfolio

The Earth Loop inventions of GLM Creations capitalize on the availability of temperature reservoirs within the earth that make it possible to bring to the surface a heat exchange fluid such as water at a temperature significantly different from the temperature at the earth’s surface. Whether it is in the Gobi desert or on a drilling rig in the North Sea, access to a heat exchange fluid that is, for example, at a temperature of 75 degrees F can provide enormous energy savings.

The new Systems and Methods are directed to situations in which a heat exchange fluid that has traversed a geothermal earth loop provides cheap, green energy for a variety of operations.

In the following list, click on the U.S. Patent No. to view the patent directly at the USPTO, or the PDF link to view / download an Adobe PDF copy. Also, clicking on a thumbnail will display artwork for the given patent.

  • Geothermal Power Plants with Steam Turbines
    U.S. Patent 6,585,047 | PDF

  • Cooling and Heating for Drilling Rig and Equipment
    U.S. Patent 7,128,156 | PDF

  • Facilitation of Microorganism Survival
    U.S. Patent 6,896,054 | PDF

  • Heating and Cooling a Wellhead
    U.S. Patent 6,338,381 | PDF

  • Heating and Cooling a Pipeline
    U.S. Patent 6,267,172 | PDF

  • Dual Zone Systems With Selection of Different Heat Transfer Temperatures from a Single Earth Loop
    U.S. Pending Application Pub. No.12/653,113 | PDF
    Notice of Allowance Received