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Dual Top Drives

In the early 1980s many questioned the feasibility, practicality, and even the possibility of using a Top Drive in a derrick for drilling. Now this revoltuionary equipment is used on rigs around the world. Now there is a new paradigm, a new revolution – systems with two Top Drives in one derrick. With the daily cost of drilling, when a Top Drive is out of service for maintenance or repair, the expense can be astronomical. With a new Dual Top Drive system, while one Top Drive is out of service, the other Top Drive can perform many tasks so that drilling or other operations need not cease. In other applications, the use of two Top Drives at the same time can provide increased versatility, increased stability for a drill string, decreased power consumption, and increased drilling efficiency. Using both Top Drives alternately or simultaneously provides significant advantages and economies of scale.

Existing Top Drives, e.g. from Tesco, Canrig, Maritime Hydraulics and National Oilwell Varco, can be used with systems and methods of the new Dual Top Drive inventions.


The Dual Top Drive System and Method inventions are patent pending in the U.S. and Worldwide.


Link to PCTWorldwide patent application for Dual Top Drives

Link to US PTO site for first US Application Pub. No.  20110280104 Dual Top Drive Systems and Methods For Wellbore Operations

Link to US PTO site for second US Application Pub. No.  20110214919 Dual Top Drive Systems and Methods