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Don’t know the Dictionary? You can still win!

“Beating the word nerds at their own game? Now

there’s a gratifying comeuppance  that’s long overdue.”

—Dr. Guy McClung

President and Founder of GLM Creations

 Reclaim Word Games from the Nerds

Imaginative and clever, these inventions include Word Games with innovations and scoring possibilities based on chance and on player-specific designated game board locations. But, beyond the basics, they include never before seen or enjoyed games such as Roll ‘em, Trespass, Throwdown, Bandit, Boondoggle, and more.
These inventions are for New Word Games which anyone can win and in which the person with the best vocabulary does not necessarily have an advantage. The New Games are available in a variety of formats – board games, card games, games with letter tiles, and word search grids.  Several of the New Games provide scoring for an non-acting player based on an element of chance, e.g., a roll of dice or spin of a number wheel, which determines how much of a previous player’s score a non-acting player receives.

These inventions provide “brand extension” for old well-known games like SCRABBLE (trademark), WORDSEARCH, AND BOGGLE (trademark) by adding scoring possibilities for a non-acting player. Improved SCRABBLE (trademark) games and WORDSEARCH games have a board or a letter grid with designated scoring locations which, if used by a person making a word, result in a score for the player designated by that location.  Improved BOGGLE (trademark) games have designated die faces whose use results in a score for the player who is designated, no matter who uses that die face to make a word.  Upon issuance of a patent for these new games (although there is no guarantee that a patent will issue) either these game owners will have to pay to use these new inventions or face a market that abandons these old boring word-nerd intensive games.

Terrified of word games? You’re not alone. For those of us who aren’t natural verbal acrobats, word games are an absolute bore, or, worse still, a humiliation.
Revolutionary word games from GLM Creations introduce a new era of word sparring designed to nullify an expert’s vast vocabulary. With the ability to score points based on luck – rather than on vocabulary knowledge alone- anyone from word dummies to verbal virtuosos can win these lively and hilarious games.  With the chance of your scoring if a word genius uses one of your designated letter locations, the word genius must strategize as well as have the dictionary memorized. Got a small vocabulary? Fret not – you can grab points when the word nerd to your left scores a gazillion points-and you don’t even have to know her word. Can’t recognize a single word on the game board? With GLM Creations you don’t need to know every word, you just need to be lucky and ready for some uproariously fun twists and turns.  With luck, you can even score more points than Mr. Know-It-All does when he makes  a ten letter word.

So when you’re invited to play one of these new word games,  and your are feeling lucky, you’ll pull up a chair,  and get ready for an evening of wild tricks and, finally, triumph!