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FracFluid with Nano Identifier

GLM Creations is offering for sale or license patent pending inventions  directed to fluids and flow streams which have a unique Nano signature identifier that is detectable to identify a particular fluid, to methods for detecting such a fluid and its signature; and to methods for using or treating such a fluid.  In certain aspects, the  fluids and flow streams used in wellbore operations and in a fluid or flow stream produced from a well which has a unique Nano signature identifier that is detectable. In some particular aspects these  inventions include fluids used in formation fracturing and provide identification of  a particular fracturing or “fraccing” fluid at any point during a fraccing operation and at any point after the operation has been completed, including, but not limited to, at a location spaced-apart from or remote from a well, e.g., the location of the introduction of the fraccing fluid into the earth; to methods for detecting such a fluid and its signature;  and to methods for using such a fluid.

One published US Patent Application that describes some of these inventions is US Pub No. 2012/0178653, July 12, 2012. In addition to providing Nano identifiers for fraccing fluids, this application discloses such identifiers for any thing or fluid, e.g., oil, gas, water, water with EWR, disposal fluids, drilling fluids, injection fluids, flowback fluids, steam,  fluid with proppants,  bodily fluids, blood, hydraulic fluid,  power fluid, lost circulation material,  lubricating fluid, non-hardened cement,  non-hardened epoxies, production fluids, and vapors; as well as proppants with a Nano identifier. This application also discloses the sse of Nano-identified fluids for monitoring and testing a wellhead, casing, tubulars, pipe, conduit, separator, filter, screen, pump, valve, cuttings processor, shale shakers, centrifuges, cyclones, degasser, desilters, desanders, float collaes, packers, drill bits, mud motors, service loops, top drives, and hydrocyclones.