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Killing Microorganisms in Drillilng Fluids

Microorganisms are often used in oil well drilling and hydrocarbon production.  Recovered drilling fluids can contain microorganisms from the earth such as microbes and bacteria, e.g., undesirable SRBs. Guy McClung, the “Father of the Killer Shaker” realized that shale shakers, which process  recovered drilling fluid so it can be reused,  provide a perfect location to kill the living things. In this way, special equipment need not be used and the contaminated fluids do not need to be shipped off site for treatment.

In the Killer (trademark) Systems of GLM Creations, (,  microbes, bacteria and SRBs  are killed  in fluids flowing into, within, or from a shaker. This is accomplished in several ways, including  imposing treating energy on the drilling fluid  or by adding biocidal material to a fluid stream flowing to or from a  shaker. Shaker fluids can be treated with heat, electric current, light, microwaves, signals, laser beams, and radiation such as infrared or UV to   kill the living things.

If heating of the fluids is desired,  certain of these shakers can be used to heat drilling fluid and processed stream.

These inventions can be retrofitted onto existing shakers to make them able to kill living things; e.g, shakers from Fluid Systems, Derrick, Cubility, M-I Swaco, GN Solids Control , Brandt, Kem-  Tron, CPI,  Axiom Process, and United Wire.

Other new inventions of GLM Creations are directed to shakers and screens with strengthening nanomaterial. NanoStrong (trademark) shakers have parts that are made with material that includes nanomaterial, such as carbon nanotubes, that is degrees of magnitude stronger than steel. NanoStrong (trademark) screens have supports, frames, screen mesh, plastic grids, and adhesives strengthened with nanomaterial.