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NanoStrong Screens & Shakers

NanoStrong Screens & Shakers

      Nanomaterials are incredibly small, but more amazing than their size is the strength of these tiny materials. Some carbon nanotubes are  50 times as strong as steel. NanoStrong* Screens have a frame or support made of base material with nanomaterial dispersed therein.  With carbon nanotubes dispersed throughout a frame, the frame is either stronger, and therefore longer lasting than, typical screen frames; or a frame of  certain dimensions and acceptable strength can be made with more open area.  More open area means greater throughput and increased efficiency.  Screening material and parts of shakers may also be strengthened with nanomaterial.

   NanoStrong* Screening Material has screen mesh which has nanomaterial dispersed in the wires of the mesh.  Such screening material exhibits extraordinary strength and durability.

   NanoStrong* adhesives, plastics, bonding material, glues and epoxies used to bond together layers of screening material or used to bond screening material to a frame or crossmember have nanomaterial for added strength. The nanomaterial can be throughout the material, or it can be used, e.g, only the top of an adhesive which projects above a frame or above screening material has carbon nanotubes. This may be the part that has the biggest impact from material flowing over and through the screen.

    In a NanoStrong* Shaker, any part of the shaker can be made from base material with nanomaterial dispersed therein or coated thereon.  Such parts – due to their increased strength – better withstand the forces produced by a shaker that wear down and damage various parts.

   NanoStrong* Screens with parts made with nanomaterial – in addition to the strengthening effects of the nanomaterial – also have increases in a variety of operational parameters.  Depending on the type of nanomaterial, this can be an increase in thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, or the conductivity of force and energy. With certain screens, more effective energy conduction results in more efficient screening.

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