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NanoMaterial Removal from Fluids & Bodies

Nanotechnology  is based on the Nobel-prize winning research at Rice University directed to the  discovery of a 60-atom carbon molecule (C60) -named “Buckminsterfullerene” and nicknamed “buckyballs” – which has strength and heat conduction properties similar to those of diamonds. A common form of this material, carbon nanotubes, is so small that 50,000 of them can be placed side by side on a single human hair. It is not now known how likely it is for nanotubes to be inhaled or absorbed by humans, but there is concern regarding whether the new materials can be harmful to humans.

GLM Creations has developed methods for the removal of  nanomaterial from human beings, whether the material is introduced intentionally or unintentionally into the human body .  The nanomaterial may be directly removed from the body;  or  bodily material, e.g. blood, is removed from the body and treated to remove the nanomaterial, and then the blood is reintroduced back into the body in an “autologous”  method which can be done continuously.

The nanomaterial removal methods of GLM Creations are also directed to the removal of nanomaterial in general from industrial fluids, e.g. from  gas with solids entrained therein, slurries, vapors, and from process streams.

For the oilpatch, GLM Creations provides methods to remove nanomaterial from drilling fluids, completions fluids, brines, cements,  lost circulation fluids, injection fluids, fluids used in fracturing operations or “frac fluids,” and fluids used in the drilling, completion, maintenance, injection, and workover of geothermal wells, oil wells and gas wells .

Nanomaterial used as a NanoIdentifiers for frac fluids can be removed from recovered frac fluids.