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Games with Multiple Flying Discs

Flying Discs are one of the most popular toys and sports equipment items in the world.  They are small, light weight, and easily transportable.  A major factor in their appeal is that anyone can throw them and catch them.  Typically these discs come one in a package and activities with them involve only one disc. Many of these activities and games include only two persons in action at any given time-a person throwing a disc and a person catching a disc.

Pizza boxes are ubiquitous and pizza makers are always looking for a new angle, a new hook, a new reason for you to buy their pizzas instead of someone else’s. GLM Creations has available issued patents on games and discs that can be made from a pizza box – or from any suitable box for that matter. The ability to offer such a box will translate into bigger pizza sales.

Typically one flying disc is sold at a time. GLM Creations has available inventions that will make it possible for a company to sell multiple, and in some cases very many discs, in one package. GLM Creations provides patented inventions that include a variety of games and activities that use multiple flying discs and simultaneously involve multiple persons.  This makes it possible for all the members of a group to take part in flying disc activities at the same time. The PLETHORA* games and the WHIZ-IT* flying discs are patented or are “patent pending.”


PLETHORA Games employ multiple WHIZ-IT* flying discs at one time. Although two persons can take part in PLETHORA Games, it is also possible for any desired number of persons to simultaneously compete in these games as individuals or as teams.


In PLETHORA GOAL one person or one a team of persons has a plurality of  WHIZ-IT* flying discs and each disc has a marking, symbol, or numerical score on it. The person or team on Offense attempts to throw the discs, in any order, at a goal.  A person or team on Defense attempts to thwart the Offense’s efforts to throw the discs into the goal.  Discs which are successfully thrown into the goal count as “winners” and, if desired, a score or point amount can be given for each disc based on the numerical score on the disc or on the symbol or marking on the disc.  Persons or teams take turns on Offense and Defense. If desired,  there can be a time limit for throwing all the discs.  Also, there can be two or more teams on Offense at the same time; and two or more teams on Defense at the same time.

There are several variations of PLETHORA GOAL. In one variation, the symbols, markings, or numerical score on a disc is so small or hidden that the defense does not know which disc is being thrown at any particular time. For example, the Offense mahy throw multiple discs simultaneously at the goal and the Defense will not know which disc heading for the goal is of the highest scoring value to the Offense.  In another variation, the discs are marked so that the Defense knows, before a disc is thrown or while a disc is in flight, the scoring value of the disc. The marking that indicates different score values for different discs may be a difference in color and/or shape.

 Any suitable item or thing can be a “goal,” such as a soccer goal; a garbage can; a box or container (including a box or container for holding or transporting the discs); a basketball goal; an outline on the ground, floor, or on a slab; a net; or an opening in a piece of material.  A net such as a volleyball net or a tennis net can be used with targets on one side or with outlines on the court on one side which serve as target areas.


In the PLETHORA GALLERY* game, a player has several WHIZ-IT* flying discs which, as the player chooses, can be thrown at a selected target of a plurality of targets.  Targets which are further from the player or targets of greater difficulty have a higher score than easier targets or targets that are closer.  Hitting a target with a disc results in a score of that target’s value for the player.

 In one version of the PLETHORA GALLERY* game, each disc has a score or multiplier indicated on it and the score for a target is increased by the disc score times the target score, or by the target multiplier times the disc score .  In one particular version of this game, the targets are all the same distance from the Offense. In another version, the targets are placed at different distances from the Offense.


PLETHORA MASQUERADE* is a  version of the PLETHORA GALLERY* game.  The game is played like the PLETHORA GALLERY* game, but  in a PLETHORA MASQUERADE*  game, when there are two players or two teams, target scores are hidden from the person or team on Offense, and the person or team on the Defense positions the targets. .  In one particular version of this game, the targets are all the same distance from the Offense. In another version, the targets are placed at different distances from the Offense.


Any PLETHORA* game can be made into a PLETHORA RING* game in which WHIZ-IT* discs with a hole in them are thrown at a target with a projection, stick, pole, stake, or shaft. A disc that ends up around the projection, etc. scores.  The score can be based on a socre indicated on the disc, a score indicated on the projection, etc, and/or a score multiplier indicated on the projection, etc.

Games Made From Boxes

The various components of the PLETHORA * Games can be made out of any suitable materiall.  Using cardboard boxes for the making of the targets and the flying discs is Patented or Patent Pending.  Using a cardboard box as starting material, the game parst are cut out from a box, including the various discs, targets and game pieces.

  Of particular interest is the ability to make these game parts out of a pizza box which is also part of the patented subject matter. Being able to turn a box that would end up in the trash into an entertaining game or discs  will increase pizza sales and re-cycle a box that otherwise would end up as garbage.

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