McNano NanoDevices-OilPatch Operations

GLM Creations has inventions available for systems and methods for using very small devices, “McNano devices,” to facilitate and enhance operations in the oilpatch.  The use of McNanos can enhance a wide variety of operations, such as rig operations, well drilling, well completion, well production, well control, fluid processing, solids control, and testing methods.

These McNano devices are very small devices such as microdevices, nanodevices, micro-resonant devices, nanotransmitters, nanorobots, and nano RFID devices . McNano devices can have a largest dimension that is less than 500 nanometers down to 10 nanometers.

McNano devices can be used in association with rig or wellbore equipment, drilling equipment, completion operations, completion equipment, fluid movement apparatuses, fluid processing systems, solids control systems, and fluid conduits and various apparatuses, such as a mud motor, drill bit, valve, casing, coiled tubing, blowout preventer, screen, drill string, shale shaker screen, cementing plug, float apparatus, tubing, riser, drill collar, pump, packer, tubular, tubular connection,and conduit.

McNano devices can be used for monitoring a flow stream, activating an apparatus, sensing a parameter of a thing or of a fluid, emitting material, and providing identification of a thing;  and with streams such as a stream of drilling fluid; cement; circulating fluid; solids-laden fluid; testing fluid; formation fluid; kick-indicating fluid; and drilling mud. The McNano devices can be coated, sheathed, or layered with protective and/or strengthening material, e.g. plastic, metal,polytetrafluoroethylene, and  ballistic material to cope with a wellbore environment (e.g. environments of extreme temperature or environments of corrosive or caustic materials or fluids).

McNanos  and the new methods employing them can be used to test joint tightness;  to test separator efficiency, e.g., to test centrifuges, shakers, and cyclones; to monitor separation/filtration efficiency; and  to monitor shaker screen performance, wear, and tearing.

The new methods using McNanos are “patent pending” worldwide via Internationl Application No. PCT/US2011/001891,  Int’l Pub. No. WO 2012/071055.   Link to this patent application:

Link to US Patent Application Pub. No. 2012/0132418 – McNanos