OTB Services

GLM Creations approaches any technology to be reviewed unencumbered by the constraints of  existing paradigms and concepts that have given birth to, fashioned and governed the technology- and which may be stifling creativity or channeling attempts at change down limited existing pathways while ignoring a plethora of new possibilities. This “Outside The Box” approach fosters the conceptualization of things never before thought of and of developments that are not the obvious results of things done in the past. This way of studying an existing technology can lead to the next generation of the evolution of the technology and even to two, three or four generations not yet conceived.

OTB Services has two aspects or programs. First, GLM Creations studies an existing technology and then creates new embodiments of what already exists and adds creative features to present state-of-the art concepts. This is done in-house by GLM Creations and can be presented to an entity operating in a technoology area with little or no input from the entity. Typical responses to such work by GLM Creations may be “Why didn’t we ever think of that? or “No way will that work, but maybe……” or “We tried that 20 years ago and it flopped” or “Far out, but it just might work.”

The second aspect of a GLM Creations OTB Program is to meet with folks from an entity operating in the existing technology and then to teach them how to go beyond brainstorming to brain-tsunamis and brain cataclysms, and allowing them to proceed according to the rule “You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?” In many existing companies,  the cause of change is a customer with a new problem. Rarely does a company set out simply to imagine all the possibilities for the change and development of its technology not directly related to present on-going business endeavors. The OTB Program will teach those working  in the existing technology not only how to dream, but how to express those dreams in well-formed concepts and, in some instances, in concrete embodiments with immediate practical application.

Upon completion of the OTB Program, researchers, engineers, designers, and scientists in a company will view all problems and all developments from a much broader perspective and will see how something new can be expanded to cover things never before thought or dreamed.